BBJ.HU - BeneFit Prize Honoring Firms Embracing Employee Well-being

 - BBJ.HU - BeneFit Prize Honoring Firms Embracing Employee Well-being


Applications are now open for the beneFit prize, which is aimed at recognizing companies that care about employee satisfaction and take the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of well-being into account as well.

The competition provides an opportunity for participating firms to show fellow businesses, HR professionals, and potential future colleagues how they reward their employees with well-being tools and special programs. The best entry wins the title of the "Most Caring Company of the Year".

The competition will be judged by some of the most recognized companies in the world of business: Nespresso Professional, DM, Wolt, Blue Colibri, Europa Design, SkillON, Friesland Campina Service Center EMEA, Salarify, and AYCM.

The organizers note that salary alone is no longer enough to keep an employee engaged for the long term, especially in the case of young colleagues. Therefore, businesses face challenges in attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce, but offering well-being benefits might be a way to ameliorate this issue. On average, people spend an average of 10,000 days in the workplace in their lifetime, so how they feel about the working environment during those approximately 80,000 hours is a crucial aspect of employee satisfaction.

Within the framework of the beneFIt Prize 2023 competition, the applicant company has the opportunity to present all the methods and programs it has put in place. Application is facilitated by a checkbox system, so there is no need to write a lengthy entry form, and submission is quick and easy. The judges are experts in the field who will assess entries in 14+1 categories such as sports, work environment, education, sustainability, HR digitalization, family-friendliness, Generation Z, and more. The full list is available here.

After successful submission, the applicant can publish their well-being program on the competition's public website, with a chance of winning the Audience Prize.

The results of the competition will be revealed at an awards gala held at the Millennium Café and Restaurant, hosted by Hungarian comedian András Péter Kovács. 

The deadline for submissions is October 23 and the gala will be held on November 9.

More details about the competition are available by clicking on the picture.